Kamarakoncert, Zeneakadémia

2020 január 9. csütörtök 19:00

MÁV Szimfonikusok

Szólista: Ábrahám Márta


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“…Márta Ábrahám, Alina Pogosztkina, Gilad Karni, Jan-Erik Gustaffson and José Gallardo gave an impeccable performance of the astonishingly beautiful Schumann E flat piano quintet. But it was much more than that, it was a genuine l’art pour l’art event, making music for pleasure. It was five wonderful musicians smiling, interacting and paying attention to each other in perfect harmony. It is impossible to highlight the name of anyone; all of them were exquisite…”

Éva Mikes

Source: www.kultura.hu

Kaposvár International Chamber Music Festival

August 2010